Creatrust offers different solutions enabling each fund promoter, depending on their strategies, to set-up their ideal structure.

Solution 1: The stand-alone option consists in setting up a Fund under the form of a Special Limited Partnership on its own. The fund can be managed by an individual or an existing unregulated management company abroad.

Solution 2: The second option consists of setting up Fund under the form of a Special Limited Partnership and separately a limited company belonging to the manager, named the General Partner. Such company will then usually be appointed to manage the Fund. The General Partner is then registered as AIF Manager and remain unregulated under the threshold of 100 000 000 EUR of asset under management.

Solution 3: The third option includes also the setup of both structures (SLP for the Fund & Limited company for the General Partner) but, in this specific scenario, the registered AIFM will no need to become regulated under a limit of 500 000 000 EUR of asset under management. This type of setup is generally used when dealing with Private equity funds or real estate fund types when the assets are not leveraged and there is a minimum lock-up period of 5 years.

Specifications Solution 1
Solution 2
under 100 Mio
Solution 3
under 500 Mio
Creation of your own General Partner in Luxembourg
Registration of the GP as registered AIFM - Manager with the CSSF
Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA)
Subscription Form or Agreement
Term Sheet
Access to platform
Appointment of your own Manager
Unregulated Fund
Choice of your Fund - SLP's denomination
Use of Leverage to finance the fund's assets
Open ended fund
No mandatory diversification of fund's assets
Mandatory lock up of investors for 5 years (min)
Possibility to apply for Isin - clearing for subscription of fund's shares
Possibility to issue an unlimited number of share classes
Unlimited Number of investors
Possibility to appoint an external investment advisor
Possibility to appoint a foreign custodian or broker
No Mandatory Auditor
No Mandatory Luxembourg depositary bank
No Mandatory Luxembourg Asset Manager
Time lead to incorporate (approx.) 2 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
Budget for the Set Up costs (from) 25 000 EUR 35 000 EUR 35 000 EUR

For structures that require a supervised AIFM or with an AUM above 500 000 000 EUR, please contact our Fund department at to discuss the project in more detail.

Special Limited Partnership


Investment Fund Setup

  • Incorporation and coordination
  • Review of fund documentation

Fund Domiciliation and Administration

  • Provision of Registered office
  • Central Administration services
  • Corporate, regulatory and tax advisory

Fund Accounting

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of NAV calculation
  • Statements and access to
  • Financial reporting (CSSF, CRS, FATCA)
  • Consolidation
  • Supervision of audit process
  • Managed account administration services

General Partner


Corporate Services

  • Company Incorporation and Set-up
  • Company Domiciliation and Administration
  • Accounting
  • Corporate and Regulatory
  • Tax Advisory
  • V.A.T. and Tax Compliance
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Payroll Services

FundNav® is an investor’s relation and communication hub which enable Fund Managers and Issuers to keep their investor updated on the information related to their investment, onboard and KYC investors with a dematerialised process and allow investors to stake their assets.

  • Transparent investments
  • Shareholder registry and KYC/AML compliance
  • Management of capital calls for closed-ended funds 24-7
  • Fully Digital Onboarding
  • Stake Marketplace with Peer-to-Peer Trading

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