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    Collectibles / Classic Cars / Jewellery Funds

    The main strategy of these funds is generally “buy and hold“ with a combination of “showcasing” and sometimes focusing on a specific period. (i.e. for the jewellery industry:  Belle Epoque, Retro, Art Deco pieces or Vintage).

    The additional investments usually consist in equities (automobile or jewellery brands stocks), commodities (precious metals ) or financial instruments (derivatives and futures).

    In regards to the showcasing aspect, the classic cars, violin (Stradivarius) or jewels can sometimes be lent to museums, film studios, private exhibitions, in order to generate extra income which can then be reinvested into new assets or paid as a distribution to the investors.

    Why do managers want to create their Collectible Fund as a SLP in Luxembourg?

    The use of the Special Limited Partnership is particularly advantageous thanks to its flexible legal and tax environment, with key benefits for car/jewelry strategies being:

    • No limitation in the type of assets or art strategies (buy & hold, showcasing, period, etc.) the manager chooses to invest in
    • No risk spreading rule to observe – which means that the whole NAV of the car/jewelry fund can be invested in one type of assets
    • Use of derivatives or leverage is possible (with limitations)
    • The valuer, experts, broker(s) can be appointed anywhere in the world
    • No need for a depository bank

    And more generally:

    • The fund remains an unregulated fund
    • No minimum capital
    • Unlimited number of investors
    • External auditor is not mandatory
    • The identity of the investors is not public.
    • Full tax transparency – no withholding tax upon distribution of the dividends or profit
    • The Special Limited Partnership is a vehicle that can be used to set-up as an art fund easily within a short timeframe (1-2 weeks).
    • It can be managed by an asset manager based abroad (non resident in Luxembourg).
    • The broker can be established in Luxembourg or abroad

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