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    Infrastructure Fund

    Infrastructures are part of our day-to-day life, it consists in building (toll-) roads, motorway, port, airports, railways as well as the various public services in place to facilitate our lifestyle such as sewage services, electric network, internet network or transport method to transport goods from one country to another like trucks, tram, boats or planes.

    Managers focusing on these specific sectors and industries will mainly invest into either new infrastructure projects directly, this can include tangible assets (train, boats, aircraft, ect..) or simply to invest in the financial instruments linked to existing infrastructure companies such as equities, bonds, derivative instruments, project bonds, etc…

    The infrastructure funds generally consist in a long-term investment due to the nature of the project; indeed, an infrastructure project can generally last on average between 10 to 15 years before being sold, or made available to the public.

    The attractiveness in such projects nowadays is further enhanced due to the sustainable and renewable aspects which make it the ideal investments for insurers, pensions funds or institutional investors. The infrastructure fund may indeed often be characterised as ‘green fund’.

    What are the key benefits for Infrastructure Fund:

    The use of the Special Limited Partnership is particularly advantageous thanks to its flexible legal and tax environment, with key benefits for infrastructure funds include:

    • Unregulated up to 500 000 000 Eur (for close-ended fund assuming that there is no leverage)
    • LP may subscribe one of their infrastructure project by contribution in kind into the fund
    • Commitment and Drawn down mechanism available
    • Unlimited number of investors, share classes or capital account
    • There is no specific debt/equity ratio nor limit in the leverage
    • Carried interest and tracking shares available
    • Full tax transparency – no withholding tax upon distribution of the dividends or profit
    • The fund can be incorporated within 1-2 weeks
    • It can be managed by an asset manager based abroad (non resident in Luxembourg).

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