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    Quantitative Fund

    This type of fund follows a quantitative / systemic approach to make investment decisions based on ideas/strategies which have been validated through quantitative testing and big data researches.

    The various computing models or algorithms will help managers constructing a well-diversified portfolio of financial instruments (equities, bonds, ect..) from various sectors and industries while taking into consideration the different risk factors and therefore avoiding unpredictable outcomes.

    This process enable managers to structure optimised portfolios based on specific targets and at the same time provide consistent or absolute returns for the investors.

    What are the benefits of using the Luxembourg Special Limited Partnership for quantitative funds?

    The use of the Special Limited Partnership is particularly advantageous thanks to its flexible legal and tax environment, with key benefits for quantitative fund include:

    • The SLP remains unregulated up to 100 000 000 Eur AUM and there is no minimum capital to setup
    • Unlimited number of investors or share classes with different fee structure
    • No risk spreading rule
    • external auditor is not mandatory
    • Full tax transparency – no withholding tax up on distribution of the dividends or profit
    • Low regulatory obligations
    • The fund can be incorporated within 1-2 weeks
    • It can be managed by an asset manager based abroad (non resident in Luxembourg).
    • The broker can be established in Luxembourg or abroad

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