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    Green investments Fund

    Green investments are traditional investment vehicles in which the underlying business(es) are somehow involved in operations aimed at improving the environment in a sustainable manner.

    If this investment vehicle only invests in companies aiming at promoting and developing environment investment and sustainability, it is considered as an Alternative Investment Fund and more specifically a Green Investment Fund.

    There are several motivations for sustainable, responsible and impact investing, including personal values and goals, institutional mission, and the demands of clients/investors, constituents or plan participants, religious, charity purposes.

    Sustainable investors aim for strong financial performance, but also believe that these investments should be used to contribute to advancements in social, environmental, and governance practices.

    What are the types of SRI investments?

    • Building a wind farm, solar plants, biomass factory, … to generate clean or renewable energy
    • Strategy to avoid Pollutions or Toxics effect on the environment
    • Treatment of Water use and  conversation
    • Investment in the Climate Change, Carbon
    • Clean Technology for car, truck, fleet, plane, ships,
    • Investment Fund managers who invest in companies who respect Anti-corruption policy, Human rights
    • In holding investing in Avoidance of harmful product ( petrol, tobacco)
    • It can also be an investment in Community development, Labour relations, to create a safe Workplace.

    The Special Limited Partnership is a vehicle that can be used to invest in any type of project linked to Social Responsible Impact investments.


    Key advantages of the SLP for Green investment:


    The use of the Special Limited Partnership is particularly advantageous thanks to its flexible legal and tax environment, with key benefits for green investment include:
    • No minimum capital
    • Unlimited number of investors
    • External auditor is not mandatory
    • Vehicles can be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange or on any overseas stock exchange
    • Full tax transparency  – no withholding tax upon distribution of the dividends or profit

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